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Important notices

AYY apartments open to all students

Since the teaching at Aalto University is focusing more and more on the Otaniemi campus, there are not enough AYY members with a right of residence applying for our apartments in East Helsinki. Because of this, some of AYY's student apartments in East Helsinki can be offered more frequently to students outside the Aalto University. If there are not enough AYY members with a right of residence applying for a particular AYY apartment, the housing office can rent the apartment to any postgraduate student or degree student, with priority given to AYY members.

Now, AYY is making some of its apartment groups in East Helsinki open to all students. The apartment groups in question are listed here. There are a limited number of apartments, and not all apartment types are always available. If the queue for an apartment group is particularly empty, we will inform you of this in the front page news of AYY Housing.

Through Domo system, you can browse and rent apartments provided by AYY. AYY rents student housing for Aalto University students in the metropolitan area. On Domo, you can browse different apartments and make an application for the preferred apartments. Start applying to apartments by pressing the Search apartments button! Start the housing search by clicking Create a new application button!

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