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Important notices

Applications made before 25.10. must be redone

Due to the application system update, applications made before 25.10. CANNOT BE renewed or edited anymore. We kindly request you to create an entirely new application in the Domo system. More information on AYY's website.

If you have any trouble creating an application, please contact AYY Housing Services (!

How to apply for AYY Housing?

Instructions for new students and exchange students in the Aalto University can be found here.

How to make a reservation for a laundry room

• Sign in to your account on Domo
• Select from the menu: Laundry rooms
• You will be able to see all the laundry rooms and machines you are allowed to use
• Select and make a reservation

If you have any questions on how to make a reservation, please contact AYY's real estate sector: kiinteistotoimi(at) Please also let us know if you notice that any of the machines are out of order or if there are shortcomings in the cleanliness of the premises.

Through Domo system, you can browse and rent apartments provided by AYY. AYY rents student housing for Aalto University students in the metropolitan area. On Domo, you can browse different apartments and make an application for the preferred apartments.

Start applying to apartments by pressing the Search apartments button!

Start the housing search by clicking Create a new application button!